Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nautilus Split View Update

I've been working on cleaning up the history of the my Nautilus split view branch, and basing it on the official git repository. That's done now, so consider this post a call for testing! Grab the source and get it running. Please send emails with bug reports, patches, remarks, and also success stories. I'd also be interested in reports from spatial-mode users, just to make sure the patchset doesn't introduce any regressions for them. I'd really like some more testing before requesting a review upstream.

Some visual polishing took place compared to the old screencast, for example the thin border in the theme's selected-color around the active pane, and shadow around the inactive pane.

The buttons with the greyed-out look in the location bar on the right side of the screenshot are in fact sensitive. Clicking e.g. directory buttons changes to the respective directory and also make that pane active. The grey zoom control widgets and the insensitive-looking background work in an analogous way. That's not exactly HIG-compliant, but it seems very natural and intuitive.