Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter weekend coding fun

Had some slack time over the easter weekend, so I was able to do some fun coding.

The Nautilus crew accepted two small patches of mine to deal with keyboard shortcuts. Now it's possible to assign shortcuts to Nautilus scripts, and the shortcuts are remembered accross sessions. That's fixing two long-term annoyances of mine. It landed just in time for Gnome 2.26.1, meaning the Ubuntu Jaunty is shipping the fixes already. Good timing.

The Nautilus split view branch that I have been blogging about (Planet readers: There is a screencast embedded in the previous post) is an ongoing pet project. I consider the branch pretty feature complete, except maybe background color modification of the inactive pane. However, the branch is currently based on an older revision, so the next big thing to do would be rebasing to the current state. In general, I am not hesitating to rebase the public branch on github when appropriate, even though I know that it's bad. Drop me a message if you want to contribute, and that poses problems for you. Anyways, with Gnome moving to git, all that is becomming easier, especially for externals. Did I already mention that git is awesome?

Of course, Claws Mail got some love, too. The notification plugin got support for window manager urgency hints and the fd.o sound specification. It also got a reworked bubble logic, to fix issues with Ubuntu's broken notification daemon. That will be going into cvs once I was able to test with Ubuntu Jaunty. I also wrote a little patch to include Gnome's addressbook in Claws Mail's address completion. The latter is not likely to go into cvs, but I may wrap the patch up and create a plugin for that.